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Our Story

  Discovering the treasure in every bean  

At Kenz - Arabic for "treasure"  - we believe there is a treasure waiting to be discovered in every bean. We are a micro-roaster nestled in Saratoga, California at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. We source high quality coffee from across the world, and roast each batch to unlock its hidden flavors.


Nearly 1,000 aromatic compounds have been discovered in coffee - fruity, floral, nutty, and cocoa to name a few - making it one of the most complex plants on the planet. Before hitting your palate, beans are cultivated, harvested at peak time, processed, then meticulously roasted to reveal those intrinsic tastes. This leads to the perfect espresso shot, pour-over, French press, siphon, and good 'ole pot of coffee for you to enjoy. 

We invite you to experience Kenz, and are excited to hear about what you love most about coffee!

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