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  • What makes Kenz different?
    At Kenz, our ultimate goal is to bring out the peak taste in every bean. It starts with picking the best green beans and micro-roasting each batch. It's best when we know how you prepare your coffee in order to best roast your beans.
  • Do you have a Kenz Coffee subscription?
    Glad you asked! Subscribing to Kenz is easy. We have 2 options to choose from: Connoisseur and Explorer. The main difference is how frequently you'd like to enjoy Kenz in your home or workplace. Just visit our Subscribe page, choose one of the options, and voila! You'll enjoy fresh batches of coffee delivered seamlessly to your doorstep.
  • What if I didn't like the batch sent to me?
    Your experience is very important to us! If you are not 100% satisfied with your coffee beans, let us know. We will be more than happy to issue a refund and send you a fresh roasted batch on us!
  • Do you grind beans before shipping?
    We can definitely grind beans to your desired level prior to shipping. Just let us know how you brew your coffee to determine the level of grind. However, we do recommend purchasing whole beans and grinding them within 30 minutes of brewing to preserve freshness and flavor.
  • How many days should I wait before I brew my coffee beans?
    Coffee is best enjoyed 3 days to 2 weeks after roasting, with peak flavors noted days 7 to 10. However, some of our coffees can maintain peak flavor 3 to 4 weeks from roast!
  • How should I brew my coffee?
    For drip coffees, we recommend pour-over with a water temperature of 200°F to 205°F and 400 grams of water to 25 grams of coffee grounds (fine bread crumb consistency). For espresso drinks, flavors come through with 18 grams of fine grind and a 20 to 25 second pull.
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