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Burundi Kirundo

Burundi Kirundo


Gashoho, Kirundo


Tasting Notes:   Olalliberry, Pomegranate, Laffy Taffy

Processing:   Sun-Dried Natural, dried on raised beds

Elevation:   1750 MASL

Varietal:  Bourbon

  • About this Coffee

    We sourced this juicy single-origin micro-lot from the mountains of northern Burundi, a landlocked nation in East Africa.  This lot is packed with notes of olallieberry cobbler, tart pomegranate, and sweet laffy taffy. Ripe cherries are hand picked by farmers then diligently sorted, fermented, and sun-dried on raised African beds to yield this unique lot. This year's special offering is our first lot from Burundi. We are excited to be able to support hardworking farmers who, year after year, strive to improve their farming, harvesting, and processing techniques to allow us to experience the best of Burundi coffee.

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