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Burundi Nemba Fermented Natural

Burundi Nemba Fermented Natural


Burundi, Kayanza


Tasting Notes:  Banana Runts, Olallieberry, Chocolate Pineapple

Processing:  CIMA Yeast Fermented Natural

Elevation:  >1700 MASL

Varietal:  Red Bourbon


Weight: 16 ounces

  • About this Coffee

    Cupping this fermented coffee was bananas!  Aromatics of dry and wet grounds remind us of Banana Runts, that sweet banana-shaped candy we all grew up loving. Brewed, this coffee produces juicy, dark berry notes reminiscent of olallieberry. As it cools, notes of chocolate-covered ripe pineapple prevail. We've found this coffee continues to evolve 2 to 4 weeks post roast, breaking all rules of coffee convention.


    Red Bourbon (the most common varietal in Burundi) is typically sweet all around. Pair that instrinsic sweetness with controlled CIMA yeast fermentation, and you get an exotic fruit bomb unlike any other. 


    Grab a bag of our limited lot before it's all gone!

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