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Colombia Paraíso 92

Colombia Paraíso 92




Tasting Notes:  Piña Colada, Red Jolly Ranchers, Sweet Nectarine

Processing:  Double anaerobic fermentation (52 hour, 48 hour) with Thermal Shock

Elevation:  1900 MASL

Varietal:   Orange Bourbon


Weight: 16 ounces

  • About this Coffee

    Mind blown! This innovative lot produced by our friend, Wilton Benitez, blew our minds at the cupping table. Wilton is a Colombian chemical engineer turned world-renowned coffee producer who uses his science & engineering background to hack coffees. This produces brilliant, mouth-watering, fruit bomb lots that will leave you wanting more.

    This orange bourbon varietal lot was harvested at peak ripeness and underwent two rounds of anaerobic fermentation (52 hours + 48 hours) with a THERMAL SHOCK intermission. These experimental processes produce profound complex flavors and candy sweetness that allow it to shine when brewed.

    Let your taste buds take an exhilirating ride with this ultra rare gem!


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