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Ethiopia Bombe - Negusse Nare

Ethiopia Bombe - Negusse Nare


Sidama, Bensa


Tasting Notes: Sweet Tropical Fruit, Floral, Pomegranate Jam

Processing: Sun-Dried Natural, dried on raised beds

Elevation: 1,966 MASL

Varietal: Indigeneous Ethiopian heirloom (74158, 74112)

  • About this Coffee

    Time and again, we're left in awe at the gem Ethiopian lots sourced for us by our friends at Catalyst Trade. This delightful, naturally processed coffee comes to us from a six-hectare farm in the Haro Tibiro Village, set atop a mountainside that is 1,966 masl. It's owned and operated by Negusse Nare and boasts a crew of 75 workers at peak harvest.

    At the cupping table, this produces dry aromatics reminiscent of running through a mature field of lavender! Pulled as an espresso, tropical fruits permeate throughout the cup. And brewing as a pour-over allows you to experience a sweet, jammy cup of pomegranate with delicate floral notes shining as it cools. We're excited and honored to share this complex and special lot with you!