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Ethiopia Guji Shakiso

Ethiopia Guji Shakiso


Guji, Oromia, Shakiso


Tasting Notes:   Berries, Vanilla, Fruity Pebbles

Processing:   Sun-Dried Natural, dried on raised beds

Elevation:  > 2100 MASL

Varietal:  Indigeneous Ethiopian heirloom

  • About this Coffee

    This delicious newly sourced, naturally processed coffee comes to us from a farm nestled in the Kayon Mountain in the Guji region of Ethiopia. It's operated by Ismel Hassan and boasts a crew of over 300 workers at peak harvest. From the dry aromatics to the juicy sweet flavors at our blind cupping, it was obvious to us that this coffee producer has invested significantly in optimally harvesting and processing lots produced at this farm. Whether pulling as an espresso shot or brewing via pour-over, this coffee doesn't disappoint. It consistently presents your palate with a fruit forward deep berry acidity with Fruity Pebbles sweetness and ends with a caramel-vanilla aftertaste. We're excited and honored to share this exceptional coffee with you!