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Ethiopia Hambela Wamena

Ethiopia Hambela Wamena


Guji, Hambela Wamena District


Tasting Notes:  Strawberry, Rose, Honey, Black currant jam

Processing:  Sun-dried natural, dried on raised beds

Elevation:  2100 MASL

Varietal:   Heirloom


Weight: 16 ounces

  • About this Coffee

    The Hambela is back and better than ever!

    Our team is stoked to be able to bring back this special Hambela Wamena coffee for you to experience. Hailing from the remote valleys and hills of the Guji zone - a coffee growing region known for intense fruity flavors - this special lot is popping with strawberry and rose, and a lingering syrupy honey mouthfeel. Pulled as an espresso, complex jammy notes are appreciated from beginning to end. As this coffee cools as an immersion brew, the floral rose note is pronounced.  With summer approaching, many of our customers love brewing the Hambela via iced pour-over or overnight cold brew methods, producing balanced & sweet black currant cups. Grab a bag of this limited lot today!

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