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Guatemala El Tambor

Guatemala El Tambor


Guatemala, Palencia


Tasting Notes:  Chocolate Ganache, Plum, Bing Cherry

Processing:  Washed

Elevation:  1800+ MASL

Varietal:  Bourbon

  • About this Coffee

    This award-winning coffee comes to us from a single farm in the outskirts of Guatemala City - Finca El Tambor (The Drum). This unique farm - which gets it's name from rumbling underneath the land caused by underground waterfalls - is run by Victor Calderon, a 5th generation farmer invested in developing organic, sustainable, and environmentally conscious coffee farming. The dry aroma of this coffee permeates with creamy, sweet chocolate. We roast this lot light (City +), bringing out the sweetness of ripe bing cherries and juicy plum when cupped. Brew it as a drip or pull as an espresso!