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Laos Java - Anaerobic Fermentation

Laos Java - Anaerobic Fermentation


Laos, Bolevans Plateau, 


Tasting Notes:  Candied Pineapple, Honey, Dark Chocolate

Processing:  Anaerobic Fermentation 48 hours, Natural

Elevation:  1300+ MASL

Varietal:  Java

  • About this Coffee

    This gem micro-lot is sourced from a single farm estate situated atop a now extinct volcano in the Bolevans Plateau in Southwestern Laos. Set between pristine mountainous backdrops gushing with waterfalls, the estate produces many specialty coffee varietals, including this delicious Java. After harvest, the cherries are fermented for over 48 hours without oxygen, lending to the striking flavors revealed in the final cup. At the outset, mango and chocolate creamsicle permeate the dry aroma. Pulled as an espresso and brewed as drip, it's hard to miss the sweet candied pineapple, syrupy honey, and dark chocolate notes!