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Mexico Oaxaca - Cesar Garcia Carrera Microlot

Mexico Oaxaca - Cesar Garcia Carrera Microlot


Mexico, Oaxaca, La Cañada


Tasting Notes:  Orange Juice, Honey, Baking Spices

Processing:  Washed

Elevation:  >1500 MASL

Varietal:  Typica, Caturra, Bourbon


Weight: 16 ounces

  • About this Coffee

    It's back!  Our highly anticipated Oaxacan coffee has finally returned to our roastery, and it's better than ever.  This microlot comes to us from our friend, Isaac Cesar Garcia Carrera who is obsessed with prime harvesting & processing to ensure each lot shines. The cool, lush mountainscape of the clay-laden Sierra Madre range creates the perfect environment for this coffee to grow. This particular coffee farm gets most of it's climate from the Gulf of Mexico, as opposed to the Pacific, making it increasingly challenging to produce excellent specialty coffee. At peak harvest, the cherries are fermented overnight, washed, and sun-dried for up to 10 days, yielding a sweet, balanced, and lightly acidic cup.

    This coffee is a crowd pleaser! Its creamy, orange juice aromatic pops as soon as you open the bag, baking spices emerge with all brew methods, and each cup leaves syrupy honey sweetness lingering on the palette.  

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